uppersapey 014

Runners start with their backs to fence 8 and race towards the 1st fence which is hidden behind the tree on the right of the picture


uppersapey 015

The 1st fence from the start and the running rail into the home straight

uppersapey 017

Fence 2 – 10 and 18

uppersapey 002

Fence 3 and 11, which has to be taken at angle to gain the best advantage

uppersapey 003

The first of three fences up to the top of the course, fences 4, 5 and 6

uppersapey 005

Another view of fences 5 and 6




uppersapey 011

Two views of fence 7 at the top of the hill, after which the runners race downhill towards fence 8

uppersapey 009