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Sunday, 27th Sep 2020

Course Details

The maps used on this site are intended to provide an overview of the respective layout and design of each course.

These are for information purposes only and any data contained within them (i.e. car parking costs etc) should be treated with caution as it is probably out of date.


You will find all the information required about individual meetings in this section, including dates and times of fixtures, names, addresses, telephone and mobile numbers plus email addresses of all the important personal


This information has been gained from numerous sources and every effort has been made to ensure it is correct.

However, the timing of individual races did not become a regular feature of Point-to-Point coverage until the mid-1960’s, and without reference to individual or hunt records it is impossible to validate times prior to this period.

The times are the fastest recorded for each venue. It is reasonable to assume the horse heading the lists holds the course record – unless you know otherwise!

Any suggested corrections or amendments (with supporting data) should be forwarded to the site editor,

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