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Tuesday, 22nd Sep 2020

Chaddesley Corbett






Friday 27th December 2019 – First Race – 10-30 a.m.


Saturday 8th February 2020 – First Race – 12 noon


Saturday 18th April 2020 – First Race – 2 p.m.
“The Lady Dudley Cup Meeting”


Saturday 9th May 2020 – First Race – 2 p.m.


Monday 25th May 2020 – First Race – 2-00 pm


Chaddesley Corbett has been used for Point-to-Pointing since 1925, although earlier meetings were originally run on the opposite side of the road.

The viewing is excellent and downhill exits are a bonus in wet weather. Five meetings are held at this venue and great efforts are made to ensure the course is produced in excellent condition, that is no easy feat with current weather patterns.  The standard of course preparation is reflected in the number old entries received for each meeting.

The course managers have the choice of three racing lines, on the inside, the outside and the middle of the course to obtain the most favourable conditions. Fences can also be moved so that ground in one particular area does not get too poached.

The old 8th fence near the start was moved in 2011/2012 and installed between the finishing post and the roadside fence and this has now become permenant.

With the exception of the 3 mile and 2 furlong races (Lady Dudley Cup, Ladies Open and Maiden race) at the Worcestershire meeting) the start is situated near the entrance to the home straight. To accommodate the extended distances of the 3 mile 2 furlong races the start is moved back two fences to the far left hand corner of the course.

The first fence can cause difficulties as runners jockey for position and it can catch out careless jumpers, whereas the pace has slackened by the time the field reaches fence two.

After racing past the winning post the runners negotiate fence three and then turn left handed towards fence four (commonly known as the roadside fence) After this the runners turn left hand turn into the back straight where they negotiate their first open ditch fence five before galloping on to the island fence (six) and a gradual left handed turn to fence seven which is situated in the farthest point of the course.

The runner’s then turn left and on the second circuit a nimble horse can gain ground at a vital time of the race.

Fence eight is taken on the uphill climb into the home straight before encountering a left handed turn at the highest part of the course and racing downhill to meet fence eight which completes the first circuit.

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