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Saturday, 11th Jul 2020

Fence by Fence

didmarton 029

The first fence looking from the start – fence 11 on the second circuit

didmarton 044

Looking back towards the start- fence 3/11 is closest, followed by fence 2/12 and 1/11

didmarton 047

Fence 4/14 at the top of the hill


didmarton 049

The view from in front of fence 4/14 – fence 5/15 can be seen in the distance

didmarton 050

The runners disappear momentarily as they race into the dip before fence 5/15

didmarton 055

Fence 5/15

didmarton 060

Fence 6/16

didmarton 063

Fence 7/17 and the second from home – it is vital to get the inside berth on the final bend

didmarton 067

Fence 8 on the first circuit and also the final obstacle – fence 9 can be seen after the winning post

didmarton 009

Fence 8/18 looking back up from the finish


didmarton 006

Fence 9 with fence 10 in the distance – it looks flat – but look at the next picture


didmarton 024

The dip after fence 9

didmarton 026

Fence 10 before you start out on the second circuit

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