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Thursday, 29th Oct 2020


How to provide a safe environment for racing connections at our Behind Closed Doors meeting on 25th October has been in the planning for some time, and yesterday we travelled to Stratford Racecourse to see their Covid protocols in operation.
We met with Racecourse Manager (& PPSA Chair) Ilona Barnett and the Point to Point Association’s Peter Wright to discuss how we can adopt similar protocols in this new climate.
For the time being, it is likely that all those entering a point to point be it trainer, owner, jockey, steward or helper will have to comply with numerous requirements as laid down by government.
This is of course a very fluid situation so the requirements could change, for better or worse, but we are determined to have a plan in place which allows for this and is practical.
One thing that does look likely is the need to collect data to allow track and trace, which in turn will need pre-registration.
Ledbury P2P (Gloucester Races) are the national Behind Closed Doors (BCD) trial meeting.
This will allow lessons to be learnt so that if another P2P has to do the same it can use that information to follow protocols that will have been developed to ensure that public health is not put at risk and the sport can continue. 
Social distancing and some other protocols that may apply on the 25th October

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