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Tuesday, 18th Jun 2019



September 2018


Welcome back to another PPA E-Newsletter!  It’s certainly an exciting time here at the PPA, with our Chief Executive moving on to pastures new at the Injured Jockeys’ Fund (Oaksey House) and a replacement shortly about to be appointed.  We wish Clare all the luck in the world and she will be sorely missed.  Read on for a farewell from Clare later in this newsletter.

The excitement continues with the release of the 2018/19 fixture list, giving us pointing fans ample time to plan our racing schedule for the season!  The full fixture list can be found by clicking the link later in this newsletter.  Headlines are grabbed by those 14 fixtures who have decided to race pre-Jan 1st, a whopping 75% increase on the same period last season.  We really are going to start with a bang, time to get those welly-boots out from under the stairs I think…  


National Point-To-Point Awards Dinner & Dance 2018
Saturday 10th November 2018
Booking has now been open for the PPA National Awards for some time and tickets are selling fast!  Click the link below to secure your place now, before it’s too late!  The menu has been chosen and the band is booked, it’s shaping up to be another wonderful evening.

The ceremony takes place at The Belfry Hotel & Resort, near Birmingham, home to the iconic Ryder Cup on four occasions.  The evening, which is once again hosted by Luke Harvey, will commence with a champagne reception followed by a three-course dinner, awards ceremony and dancing until the small hours.  It promises to be a great night and a fitting celebration of pointing’s champions.

Tickets are priced at £80 per person, tables for 10/12 can be reserved also.  There are a limited number of discounted hotel rooms available at The Belfry too, to book these please call 01675 238600 and quote ‘Point-to-Point Awards 2018’.

For any queries please contact Adam at the PPA office on 01793 781990

Book Here!
A note from Clare Hazell

“After four and a half very happy years at the PPA, I will be taking up a position at Oaksey House in Lambourn, one of the injured Jockeys’ Fund centres for jockey rehabilitation on 1st October.  

I have enjoyed working with a brilliant team at the PPA and appreciate both their work and the immense amount that is carried out by volunteers around the country to sustain the sport of point-to-pointing.  At a time of many changes in people’s interests and lifestyle the sport faces challenges, but it retains a strong core.

I am proud of all the positive changes we have managed to implement, not least those involving horse and rider welfare, and will remain a staunch supporter of the sport going forward.  I wish my successor the very best of luck in driving the sport to the next level and look forward to attending many point-to-points as a fan in the years to come.”  

To read Clare’s blog put together by the Charity ‘Racing Together’ click here

2018/19 Fixture List

For a full list of all 173 fixtures this 2018/19 point-to-point season, click here

New Riders Assessment

Safety and welfare for both horse and rider is a fundamental aim of the Point-to-Point Authority. For the 2018/19 point-to-point season, new riders – and those who have not ridden in a race for five years or more – who apply for a Riders Qualification Certificate (RQC) will be required to meet with a PPA-approved, Level 3 BHA Jockey Coach.

The assessment will equip riders with more confidence and ensure that areas needing work will be supported, in turn maximising their enjoyment of the sport.

The BHA grant funded sessions will be delivered regionally by a small team of PPA-approved, qualified, self-employed BHA Jockey Coaches, working to agreed criteria to ensure consistency.  For a list of the relevant coaches click here

Reigning British champion Gina Andrews, said: “I think it’s a great idea and will definitely benefit people who aren’t necessarily from a racing background. Hopefully it will make things safer, not only for the rider, but for those they are riding against, as well.”

Click here for a handy guide to the new process, including FAQs and a flowchart for new riders

JRL Group flat races increase in number

Following the success of the JRL Group Ltd Flat races last season, the series has been successfully extended to include ten races in 2018/19.  These races were incredibly popular last season – all but one race had to be divided – and we expect interest to be strong once again.
In addition, the Weight for Age scale has been amended to fall in line with the 2-mile hurdle weight for age scale for 4-year-olds under rules.  The table below will be enshrined in the Regulations as a separate scale.
Point-to-Point Flat Race Weight For Age Scale
Age 4yo
Distance 2 miles
Jan 1-15
Jan 16-31
Feb 1-14
Feb 15-28
Mar 1-15
Mar 16-31
Apr 1-15
Apr 16-30
May 1-15
May 16-31
Jun 1-15
Jun 16-30
Nov 1-15
Nov 16-30

Dec 1-15
Dec 16-31

A further notable change is the provision to allow winners of point-to-point Flat races to run in Maiden point-to-point Steeplechases.

Click here to read the PPA press release launching the JRL Group Ltd point-to-point Flat race series

2018/19 point-to-point application forms

The following application forms are now available on the national website for the 2018/19 season:
  • Riders Qualification Certificate (RQC) application
  • Riders Sponsorship Scheme (RSS) Registration/Agreement
Great news…the RQC and RSS application forms are now ‘fillable’, meaning you should be able to fill it in from the comfort of your computer and then print/send on to the PPA.  Please note that where applicable the forms will still needed to be signed by hand.

The Hunter Certificate application form will be available shortly.

UK pointing widens rider eligibility

Former professional jockeys who have partnered fewer than 26 winners will be able to ride in point-to-points next season under a change to the Regulation governing rider eligibility.  The age limit of 25 years no longer applies to former conditional or apprentice jockeys, providing they have not hit the total winners limit of 25.

Clare Hazell, Chief Executive of the Point-to-Point Authority, said: “Not every rider can achieve their ambition of making a living as a professional jockey, and it seemed wrong to exclude ex-professionals of limited experience on account of their age.

“It is right that a threshold of a number of winners should stay in place to prevent very experienced former professionals from riding in our sport, but now we hope to welcome a few more enthusiastic riders next season.”

Click here for the full PPA press release

Maximum permitted overweight implemented in point-to-points

In the past, the Point-to-Point Regulations have not outlined a maximum amount over which a rider can declare over weight.  For the 2018-19 season, no Rider may weigh out if they will be carrying 14lbs or more overweight and no horse shall carry more than 13 stone.

Penalties 2018/19 season

Click here to see the penalties which will be applied for 2018/19:

Weight for age scale for five-year olds

Some participants have raised concerns regarding the Weight for Age scale and suggested that 5-year-Old horses are at a disadvantage against 4-Year-Old horses.  For the 2018-19 season between January and June 4-Year-Olds will receive 21lbs, 18lbs & 14lbs from 6-Year-Olds.  This means that 4-Year-Olds will consistently receive 14 lbs from 5-Year-Olds and will ensure that where 5-Year-Old horses improve and receive less weight from 6-Year-Olds as the season progresses; the 4-Year-Old weight allowance will remain consistent rather than increase against 5-Year-Olds.


Please be aware, for the 2018-19 season owners or their authorised representatives must ensure all horses (including companions and ponies) are fitted with a bridle or headcollar fitted with a chifney.  In addition, an individual may lead only one horse at any time.

Authority to Act

When signing the Hunters’ Certificate, an Owner is agreeing their responsibility to ensure that the person who declares a horse on their behalf is aware of their responsibilities.  The overarching agreement by the owner justifies the removal of the requirement of an individual to provide evidence of authority to act at each declaration of a given horse on a race day.

Safety Vests – A Reminder

A reminder that “Level 2” safety vests must be worn in all Point-to-Points, replacing the existing Level 1 safety vests.  The Level 2 vest offers superior protection of up to 50% to the Level 1 vest against direct blows such as kicks.  There will be an extra 1lbs allowance at scales, bringing the allowance for safety equipment to 3lbs. This does not impact on any other weight allowances.  We are aware that some jockeys have already obtained the new vests.  For those yet to do so, you can find more info on purchasing body protectors from the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA):

Skull Caps

In previous seasons riders skull caps have been checked at the first fixture in a particular area.  For the 2018-19 season each point-to-point area will nominate a fixture during the season to arrange for all skull caps to be checked.

The NTF Racing Diary

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