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Friday, 27th May 2022

Leading Rider (Female) Sponsored by Fisher German

The official list of winners for West Midland Area Championships can only be traced back to 1990, prior to that no records exist.
Although the 14 Point-to-Point Administrative Areas (of which the West Midlands is one) were created in 1972, no evidence has been found regarding any potential champions between 1972 and 1990.
During the period 1960 to 1971 no Administrative Areas existed, so the West Midland Area as it was subsequently created has been used as a framework during this period, so this is a purely academic exercise but does provide some recognition to the individuals concerned.
The list below includes the riders names and the Hunts through which their Riders Certificates were probably issued. A certain amount of guesswork is involved as it is impossible to ascertain which hunts jockeys received their RQC’s from after a gap of nearly 60 years.
The current Championships are decided on a points basis, but in 1990 the criteria was “Winners ridden by West Midland jockeys at West Midland meetings”. This resulted in the following individuals being identified as Champions in the preceding years.
1960Pat Tollitt
1961Diana Guilding/Scarlett Rimell/Pat Tollitt
1962Pat Tollitt
1963Scarlett Rimell
1964Pat Tollitt
1965Pat Tollitt
1966Pat Tollitt
1967Mary Mitchell & Pat Tollitt
1968Pat Tollitt
1969Diana Guilding/Sue Aston/Pat Tollitt
1970Pat Tollitt
1971Sue Aston & Pat Tollitt
1972Sue Aston & Pat Tollitt
1973Mary Bayliss
1974Audrey Bridge/Pat Kerby/Sue Excell/Sue Coldicott
1975Pat Kerby
1976Alison Bomford (now Alison de Lisle Wells)/Helen Gundry/Pat Kerby/Rosemary Harper/Catherine Webb/Sue Coldicott/Sue Horton (won Title in 1969/1971/1972 as Sue Aston/Patricia Nosworthy
1977Pat Kerby
1978Rosemary White
1979Pat Kerby/Jenny Irish/Katherine Tollitt (now Katherine Smith-Maxwell)
1980Alison Dare
1981Alison Dare
1982Alison Dare & Helen Hart
1983Alison Dare & Mary Evans (who won the title in 1973 under her Maiden name of Mary Bayliss)
1984Angela Tolitt (now Angela Rucker)
1985Alison Dare
1986Alison Dare
1987Alison Dare
1988Alison Dare
1989Alison Dare & Heather Morgan-Jones (previously Heather Stephenson)
1990Alison Dare
1991Alison Dare
1992Alison Dare
1993Alison Dare
1994Alison Dare
1995Sue Sadler
1996Alison Dare
1997Alison Dare
1998Alison Dare
1999Alison Dare
2000Alison Dare
2001No Award Foot & Mouth
2002Alison Dare
2003Polly Gundry
2004Polly Gundry
2005Claire Allen
2006Claire Allen
2007Claire Allen
2008Polly Gundry
2009Claire Allen
2010Claire Allen
2011Jane Williams
2012Jane Williams
2013Annabel Dalton
2014Jane Williams
2015Jane Williams
2016Lilly Pinchin
2017Lilly Pinchin
2018Ally Sterling
2019Josephine Banks & Alice Stevens
2020No Award due to Covid-19

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