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Sunday, 25th Jul 2021

Fence by Fence

This new course proved very popular when the first meeting was staged on Sunday 29th April. 

These photographs give visitors an idea of the course layout and no doubt some adjustments will be made after the first meeting and there has been time to assess the information gathered.

Much has already been achieved, but the whole Knightwick team are confident on building on the success of the initial meeting in 2018. 

A birds eye view of Knightwick

A different view from the opposite end of the course

The view looking back towards the start, which will be in a shute in the middle of the picture

The first fence (also 7/13), with fence 2 (8/14) in the distance, you can just make out the wings of fence 4/10/16, followed by fence 5/11/17 and 6/12/18 in the left of the picture

Fences 2/8/14 and 3/9/15 in the back straight

Fences 5/11/17 and 6/12/18 in the home straight, fence 4/10/16 is out of view just round the corner

Fence 6/12/18 followed by the finish

Fence 6/12/18 taken from the opposite angle, with the first fence in the background

The view up the run in

The view looking back down the finishing straight, with fence 6/12/18 in the foreground, fence 5/11/17 just behind and you can just glimpse fence 4/10/16 on the left of the picture. Fence 2/8/14 is to the right

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