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Sunday, 17th Jan 2021

Shelfield Park – Fence by Fence


The track leading to the course, visitors turn left handed by the tree to the right of the picture. Markers to the 6th fence are visible in the foreground

The track leading uphill towards the centre of the course, which is right-handed with a slight bank which provides excellent viewing.

The 3-mile start is at the entrance to the back straight and the runners face a slight rise towards the first fence before continuing a steady climb to where the second fence is situated.

The start is at the entrance to the back straight, markers for the first fence are just visible in the middle of the picture

The course then flattens out briefly before a steady descent to the third which is before a sweeping right-handed bend and the turn into the home straight.

The end of the back straight, with the marker posts for fence 3 just visible to the left of the three people walking

The bend into the home straight

The runners then face fences four and five before passing the winning post which is located just before the road crossing into the centre of the course.

The view from the finishing post back down the home straight towards the 2-1/2 mile start

The bend out of the home straight looking towards the 3-mile start, with the posts for fence seven visible in the middle of the picture

Fence six is located about halfway between the finishing post and another sweeping bend where fence seven is located. The runners then pass their starting point and continue for another circuit and a half to complete what is estimated to be just over 3 miles in distance.

The home straight from the final bend with the 2-1/2 mile start in the foreground and the marker posts for the first fence visible in the middle of the picture

The 2-1/2 mile start is at the entrance to the home straight, so the runners take three fences in the home straight, one on the side of the course, followed by three in the back straight to complete a circuit of the course.

Finding a new racecourse and having the will and commitment to turn dreams into a reality is always hard work, but the organisers of this meeting are now very close to reaping the benefits for all their efforts and ensuring Shelfield Park meets it true potential over the coming years.

One thing is sure it won’t be for lack of trying and it is a worthy replacement for their old venue.






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