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Sunday, 25th Jul 2021


The Wheatland Point-to-Point at Chaddesley Corbett which was due to take place on Sunday 8th November 2020, has been rescheduled for Sunday 6th December 2020

All Point-to-Point fixtures prior to 31st December 2020 will be held behind closed doors (i.e. with no crowds) and this applies to the Wheatland fixture.

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No Point-to-Point meetings identified before 1896

1896                       Croft Farm, Bridgnorth
1897                       Brockton
1898                       Tasley
                                  World War I
1926 – 1931           Bourton
1932 – 1939          Haughton
                                  World War II
1946 – 1958            Eyton on Severn
1959 – 1967            Wilbrighton
1968                         Chaddesley Corbett (JM with Albrighton – Foot & Mouth)
1969                         Eyton on Severn
1970 – 1975            Wilbrighton
1976 – 1989           Bitterley
1990 – 1995            Eyton on Severn
1996 – 2001           Wolverhampton
2002 – 2019           Chaddesley Corbett

(The information above would not have been possible without the extensive research carried out by Michael Kutapen and published on Jumping for Fun. The information has been reproduced in a different format for each meeting)



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